‘Winged images’, by Ricardo Lourenço (Portugal)

February 19th | 16:15-16:45


More than capturing a beautiful image, Ricardo Lourenço is interested in the story behind it. He is interested in the immediate beauty of the image, but also its message, what we get out of it and the emotions we feel when we see it. The difference between an image that exhausts itself and an image that carries a story lies in the power that the latter must transform people and help in the conservation of species. He is interested in images that gain wings.

(c) Ricardo Lourenço

He has lived his whole life in permanent contact with the nature and, through this symbiosis, built his perception of the world. In 2007, due to the fascination of wanting to know the wildlife that surrounded him and a growing passion for photography, he combined the two and began by capturing the everyday moments of wildlife.

In photograph after photograph, he began to give more importance to the processes, methodologies and resulting products of his work. The world of birds, especially, whets one’s appetite for unique images of wildlife in Portugal. Through publications on the web and specialized magazines, he seeks to connect people with the natural world by drawing their attention to the beauty that the uniqueness of an image can convey.

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