Tribute to Joachim Hellmich, the Great Bustards’ German

February 18th | 19.00

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In love with Extremadura and the birds of the steppes, with a special passion for bustards, Joachim Hellmich died of coronavirus in September 2021 in Germany. This ornithologist, Olympic athlete in his youth and a professor of Geography, arrived in Extremadura in 1980s.

In Sierra de Fuentes, in the plains of Cáceres, he spent long periods of time, studying in detail the behaviour of great bustards with great scientific rigour. His book ‘The Great Bustard in Extremadura’, published by Adenex in 1991, is a reference work for the study of this emblematic species.

J. Hellmich (c) Sebastián Martín

Author of many scientific papers, above all, related to steppe birds, he also collaborated in numerous publications that have helped to increase awareness about the nature of Extremadura. For this reason, he is considered one of the great precursors of ornithological research in our region.

In this tribute by FIO to Joachim Hellmich, Santiago Hernández Fernández, Juan Carlos Núñez Arjona, Agustín Mogena Peral, Sebastián Martín Ruano and José María Corrales Vázquez (moderator) participate.

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