FIO Talks

Ornithology, conservation projects, art, tourism, communication... FIO is the setting for presentations and talks with specialists on a great variety of topics related to nature and birds.

All conferences will be in the Stage Marquee.

Streaming broadcast on the Extremadura Tourism YouTube channel (23rd February, 24th February and 25th February).

Friday, February 23

16.45-17.15. ‘Serradilla is Monfragüe’ by Francisco Javier Sánchez Vega and Borja García Prieto

17.30-18.00. 'How do we do it in the absence of their parents? Reflections on the captive breeding of young Spanish Eagles for their release' by Álvaro Guerrero (AMUS)

18.00-18.30. ‘Lesser Kestrel: living in traditional buildings versus living in modern buildings. Keys to reversing factors that negatively affect the species' by Pepe Antolín (DEMA)

18.30-19.00. 'SOS Vencejos: Work and results for 2023' by Juan José González Magro

Saturday, February 24

10.30-11.30. Colloquium 'Is technology revealing that migration is much more complex than we assumed?' with Alex Onrubia, Antonio Sandoval, Antonio-Román Muñoz and José Luis Copete (moderator)

11.30-12.00. 'The intriguing story of a tropical species that could be colonizing the Western Palearctic: the case of the Rüppell's Vulture in Europe' by Antonio-Román Muñoz

12.00-12.30. ‘Academy for the Investigation of Crimes against Wildlife’ by Jovan Andevski

12.30-13.30. ‘Etta Lemon: the woman who saved the birds’ by Tessa Boase, followed by an interview by David Lindo, The Urban Birder

13.30-14.30. 'Suso, the commitment to nature. Tribute to Jesús Garzón'

16.30-17.30. Colloquium 'The challenge of controlling populations of invasive exotic birds' with Ricardo Gómez Calmaestra, Maria Jesús Palacios González, Martina Carrete and Alfonso Godino (moderator)

17.30-18.30. 'Land' by Ben Woodhams

18.30-19.00. ‘Plumarium Guide’ by Pablo Fernández Pero and José Luis Copete (moderator)

Sunday, February 25

10.30-11.30. Colloquium 'A journey, sound and visual, in defence of our steppes and mountains' with Carlos de Hita, Eduardo de Juana, Eduardo Viñuales and Javier Gómez (moderator)

11.30-12.30. Colloquium 'Steppe birds at the crossroads: An opportunity between agriculture and renewable development' with Amanda del Río Murillo, Félix Arias, Martin Kelsey and Rodrigo Fernández-Mellado (moderator)

12.30-13.30. Colloquium 'Between brushes and pixels' with Jesús Mateos Brea, Lourdes Berzas, Jaime de la Torre, Ana Fernández and Esther Charles (moderator)

13.30-14.30. Colloquium 'Communicating about birds and nature: new challenges and opportunities' with Rosa M. Tristán, German López 'The Merelus', Ernesto Montoya 'Vieja Tierra' and Antonio Sandoval (moderator)

coloquio comunicar

Coloquio ‘Comunicar sobre aves y naturaleza: nuevos retos y oportunidades’, con Rosa M. Tristán, Ernesto Montoya ‘Vieja Tierra’, Germán López ‘The Melerus’ y Antonio Sandoval (moderador)

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