‘Looking for your photograph, loving nature’, by Nuria Blanco (Spain)

Nature photography is a discipline and tool that offers emotion, satisfaction and personal growth. Images taken by Nuria Blanco in different natural paradises around the world show how what is important is not only the place, but also the passion and how it is perceived, in addition to the repercussions that can follow in the protection and conservation of different ecosystems.

(c) Nuria Blanco
(c) Nuria Blanco

Love for animals was the path that led Nuria Blanco towards nature photography, a path that, in turn, has led her to travel to Africa, her favourite continent, on numerous occasions. Her most personal works are not documentaries, but rather reinterpret the natural environment in an abstract and/or pictorial way. She aims to reach that public that is less focused on nature, but more towards art, in order to touch their heart and raise awareness about the protection of the planet.

A member of the Portfolio Natural and AEFONA collective, she has collaborated in several exhibitions, has published in specialized magazines and is co-author of the books ‘Natural Paradises’ and ‘The art of photographing nature’, among others.

‘Looking for your photograph, loving nature’
February 19th | FOTOFIO Marquee

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