‘Humanisation or extinction’, by Eudald Carbonell (Atapuerca Foundation, Spain)

February 19th | 13:30-14:30

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A Ten Commandments for Homo sapiens to avoid the collapse of the species and promote great change. Eudald Carbonell, founding patron and vice president of the Atapuerca Foundation and professor of Prehistory at the Rovira i Virgili University, argues that our species, immersed in a scientific and technological revolution, must consider strategies for the future. Substantially increasing our critical awareness, stopping globalisation and starting planetisation, feminising the species and seeking social and ecological balance are some of his proposals to ensure the survival of Homo sapiens.

Eudald Carbonell (c) Atapuerca Foundation

Eudald Carbonell has carried out numerous excavations from 1978 at European and African sites, among which those of Atapuerca stand out. He is the author of many works, such as the article published in Science in 1997, together with other members of the Atapuerca team, in which he presented Homo antecessor, which he dated well before the establishment of hominids in Europe.

He also stands out as a disseminator and author of essays in which he sets out his vision of the human condition, influenced by his training as a paleoanthropologist and by an ethic of human progress based on Marxism. Among other awards, he has received the Prince of Asturias Award (1997), representing the Atapuerca team, and the National Culture Award (2009).

More information: https://www.atapuerca.org/

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